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How to Draw a Beautiful Anime Girl Step by Step

Learn how to draw a beautiful anime girl. For this tutorial, I choose the character called Hinata. Hinata is a very beautiful character and has a unique personality. I hope I choose the right character for this tutorial. Lets directly jump to step 1.

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Draw a Beautiful Anime Girl

Firstly, draw some lines around the shoulder area with a small circle. And, some lines around the chest. Then, draw a circle or oval on the head to make a face easily.

  • Draw a circle or oval on head.
  • Draw an inner sketch accordingly to the character.


Draw a Beautiful Anime Girl

Then, start drawing the hair of a character. Eye can always express feelings so, start drawing from the eye, then the nose, and then lips. You can then place the eyes slightly below halfway point.

  • Draw eyes, lips and nose inside the oval area.
  • And, draw an outline of a shoulder and neck.
  • The hair should stick slightly towards its left.


Draw a Beautiful Anime Girl

And finally, after you finish drawing the outlines of the hair add some details to the hair like shades, inner/outer hair. In this picture, she wears an Anbu(shinobi units throughout the Naruto series) outfit which is quite simple to draw. We mainly focus on the face and hair to draw an anime girl in this tutorial.

  • Add some details in the hair and face.
  • Draw some matching outfits accordingly to yours imagination or characters preferences.


Draw a Beautiful Anime Girl

At last, add some colour if you want. It is not necessary so you can skip it. But do follow our other tutorial post on a similar topic. I hope this tutorial may help you in some way and keep drawing.

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