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How to Draw an Anime Girl Body – Tutorial

Drawing something is very creative and fun. Some people find drawing very easy and some find it difficult. We have drawn this tutorial in adobe illustrator. We try our best to put every detail in this tutorial. Finally, I hope you get some idea to draw an anime girl body from our tutorial.

Step 1 – Drawing inner shape of body

Draw an Anime Girl Body

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that we have to make the inner sketch of the body of a character for proper guidelines.

  • Draw circle in head area.
  • Make square line in both cheast and hip area.
  • Draw two straight line from shoulder and hips for the hands and legs.

Step 2 – Drawing the outline of female body

Draw an Anime Girl Body

Drawing an outline of a body can be very important for the positive output of the drawing. You just have to follow the inner sketch to make it good.

  • Draw outline of a body according to your characters.
  • Follow the inner sketch of a body and make outline.
  • Draw the breast and hip area accordingly to the body of a character.

Step 3 – Drawing face and cleaning up drawing

Draw an Anime Girl Body

Now we have to draw the face(eye, lips, nose) and hair of a character with some extra details. Then, draw the hands and legs of the character.

  • Choose the face of a character and draw it accordingly.(eye,lips,nose)
  • Draw the hands and legs of the character by following inner sketch (step 1).

Step 4 – Adding some lines and shades

Draw an Anime Girl Body

Finally, at last, we have to add some details to the drawing. This character is from One Piece. This characters name is Nami. I hope it is drawn perfectly. Please follow our other tutorial post. We are also inspired by other blog posts. I hope you will also get inspired by us and do make some drawings. (Draw an Anime Girl Body)

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