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How to Draw Anime Girl Eye Step by Step

Maybe its the first post that Ive been involved with drawing and anime sketch stuff. I am doing this thing for quite some time. So I have some insight into some problems beginners face whilst learning drawing. Therefore I am making drawing much easier and more fun for you through these lessons (Draw Anime Girl Eye).

Today we are going to draw the eye of anime girls in this session. Its quite easy but follow all the steps properly before you mess up.

Step 1 Draw the Outer shape of the Eye and Iris

 Draw Anime Girl Eye

Shape your eye by drawing the outline.

  • Firstly, outline the eye carefully.
  • The size and outline are totally in your interests.
  • Some may like big wide eyes and others might prefer small ones and others.
  • So draw according to your preference.
  • Draw a shape of the iris vertically. Make sure it is oval and stretched but not necessarily circular.
  • While you are making the Iris stretched, Try not to cover the whole eye with that.
  • So adjust the size properly before starting to draw.
  • Then draw a curving line towards the center of the eye without connecting it.
  • Slightly curve the line again downwards and form a U joining the lines together.

Step 2 Shade the Parts of Eye

 Draw Anime Girl Eye

At last, you could start shading the eye parts.

  • First, shade the eyelids black.
  • The next step; color the Iris grey or purple whatever you like. Have it like your favorite anime character.
  • Leave the pupil white in the shape of a small circle.
  • Also, leave some outer parts of the Iris for some shining effect. However, it is optional so no sweat over it.

Step 3 Finishing

 Draw Anime Girl Eye

From now, the work on the eye pupil is over. Now, lets focus on the eyelids. Now it may be tricky for some beginners.

  • Make a thin line over the curved eyelid.
  • Draw small lines on each end of the line as shown above.
  • Gently draw some more eyelashes at the side of the eye.
  • Tilt the eyelashes a bit upwards to make them look good.

Step 4 Drawing both eyes

 Draw Anime Girl Eye

Since one eye has been completed, make sure you review it properly before moving to the next eye.

If youre satisfied with it, its time to repeat the whole thing over. Also, make sure to do the process in the opposite direction than before. And draw the anime girls eye in a simpler way possible.

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