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How to Draw Anime Girl Face

Welcome anime lovers to another drawing tutorial on this website. We post various tutorials on this type of content. We believe we bring out the simple yet effective methods that you can hardly find on the internet.

As for today, we will focus on drawing an anime girls face. Lets start the lesson now:

Step 1 Drawing the Outline

Draw Anime Girl Face
  • First of all, we have to make a base for the face.
  • Trace the center of the face vertically and horizontally to navigate.
  • Then, draw a semicircle connecting the horizontal line in the middle.
  • Adjust the lines of the chin and jawbone like in the above picture.

Step 2 Adding the Eyes

Draw Anime Girl Face

After the first step, it turns to add the eyes to the face.

Step 3 Drawing the Nose and Mouth

Draw Anime Girl Face

After you add the eyes,

  • Add the mouth and nose to the face.
  • Follow the vertical line and draw a V shape for the nose.
  • Likewise, draw a curved line upwards with the center meeting the verticle line for the mouth.

Step 4 Adding the Bangs

Draw Anime Girl Face

Now it may be tricky for some people here. The bangs may sometimes be irregular or messy. But it will be okay if you follow the procedures.

  • Draw the first two bangs like an arrow in the exact same manner.
  • Now draw the third one a bit longer than the first two.
  • Then, draw the last one in the opposite direction.

Step 5 Finishing the Hair

Draw Anime Girl Face

For this step, it is your choice to make the hair long or shorts.

  • Draw the line curving along with the head figure.
  • Afterward, do the exact thing like the bangs.
  • Take the picture as a reference and make the hair end horizontally with the chin.

Step 6 Filling the Colors

Draw Anime Girl Face

Now all thats left is the coloring job.

  • Add the color to your preference.
  • Also, draw some lines in the hair to make it look a bit better and real.
  • So, that ends this lesson to draw the face of an anime girl.

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