How to Draw Anime Lips (Mouth)

This tutorial explains how to draw anime-style lips(mouth) of the different emotions. This tutorial focus on different emotion of the characters like happy, angry, sad and serious emotions. We have tried to sum up every emotion in this tutorial. I hope this tutorial on how to draw Anime Lips will helpful to you.

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1. Happy Face

Draw Anime Lips

Before you start to draw, you should start drawing with an outline. You should draw with your imagination about the characters. You can take reference from the above picture and always tries to make it simple and clean.

2. Angry Face

Draw Anime Lips

Angry emotions are very common emotions in anime. Like always start with your imagination and outlines of the lips.

After you complete the outline of the lips, add some shading to it.

3. Serious Face

Draw Anime Lips

Serious emotion is pretty easy to draw. You can experiment with different processes of making and see what works for the style you are going for. You can always experiment with different styles of drawing and take references from the above picture.

4. Sad Face

Draw Anime Lips

Anime is full of emotions and thrill. Sometimes anime can make you really sad with their characters. Manga artists have done some great jobs by expressing the emotion of the characters on a piece of paper.

You don’t need to draw out all of the steps shown in the above example. They are there so that you can get a better understanding of the drawing.


The shape of the lips can be very irregular sometimes depending upon the characters. So, tries to draw different variations of the lips and match them with your character’s emotions. And also follows our other blog post.

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