How to Draw Female Anime Character Eye | Easy

Here is another anime drawing tutorial on this website. So here, we are going to draw the eye of an anime girl. We have already covered the same topic earlier but this one is slightly different than the previous one. You can check out the lesson here: How to draw anime girl eye step by step. (Draw Female Anime Character Eye)

Lets start our drawing lesson right away.

Step 1 Drawing the Outline

Draw the outline of the eye first. That way you can be able to draw the eyelashes quite accurately.

Draw two curving lines maintaining a gap between them. Make a slightly larger gap in the middle. Afterwards, make a 90° turn downwards. Join the other line and make sure to draw a straight line from the curve.

Draw a straight line in the lower middle section of the eye.

Step 2 Drawing the Iris

Draw an oval in the middle of the line and eyelashes.

Draw another oval in the middle of the iris again and fill it with black color.

Step 3 Adding the Glowing Effect

Normal drawing would not be that appealing to most people. It’s better to have a little glowing/ shining effect to make it look better.

Add a circle in the left top of the iris. After that carefully make a circle covering some parts of the pupil and the iris line.

Step 4 Colouring the Eye

Now shade the eyelashes darker. You can color the eye with any color you like. In this case, I am using purple.

Add three pointy lines upwards from the eyelash’s right end. Then, add a single curve on the left end.

Add another thin line over the eyelashes.

Step 5 Drawing Both Eyes.

If you have completed all the steps until now, you can redo the whole thing again. Draw those things oppositely and follow the procedures in the same manner too.

Finally, the last thing to note is that you can do some improvements or modify some parts as your wish. Art is someone’s imagination and skills so there might be some altercation. Thus, try to pour some more originality and skills into it, and draw female anime character eye.

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