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How to Draw Sasuke Sharingan Step by Step

Since many weebs love art, we have come up with some drawing tutorials that may help all artists and anime lovers out there. Sometimes you may have felt to bring out anime to the world with your own hands. So, we bring a tutorial about how to draw Sharingan step by step.

Step 1

Draw Sasuke Sharingan

You should start every drawing with an outline.

  • Firstly, draw outline of the eye.
  • Draw outline of the eyeball, use the above image for reference.

Step 2

Draw Sasuke Sharingan

Now its my turn for coloring.

  • Then start colouring in eyeball.
  • Pour in the red color inside the circle lines and darker the broader.
  • You should make the pointy end a little darker and broader whilst leaving the other end as it is.

Step 3

Draw Sasuke Sharingan

Now, add eye lead.

  • Now, add eye lead in eye ball.
  • Use above image as reference and jump into last step.

Step 4

Draw Sasuke Sharingan

Finally, all thats left to do is add a little detailing.

  • Finally, add some gray shading in eye and dark red shading in eye ball.
  • And you can finally get result, but if you want to add some other detail then you can freely change it.


I hoped this lesson on how to draw Sharingans eye helped you all. Dont forget to check out other anime drawing lessons on this website. We try to bring out this type of more content later in this website so make sure to check it out.

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