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How to Draw Sharingan Eye

Since many weebs love art, we have come up with some drawing tutorials that may help all artists and anime lovers out there. Sometimes you may have felt to bring out anime to the world with your own hands. Some may do it for fun whereas some may do it as a passion. In this tutorial, we give step-by-step details to Draw Sharingan Eye.

It is a quite hard job but practice makes a person perfect. Thus, welcome to another drawing lesson of a Sharingan eye.

If you are a Naruto fan then you have defiantly tried to draw Sharingan once or you are trying to make one. Either way, you have come to the perfect place to learn how to draw Sharingan (Step by Step).

STEP 1 Draw the Outline

Draw Sharingan Eye

You should start every drawing with an outline.

  • Firstly draw an outline of the eye. It is the shape and size of the whole eye so try to make it perfectly fit your preference.
  • Draw the line like a parallelogram but dont make the sides pointy except for one. Use the above image for reference.

STEP 2 Drawing the Iris

Now it is the turn of drawing the iris.

  • Try drawing a circle in the middle without touching the outlines.
  • You can make the iris a little oval one but trust me, it wont come out great.

STEP 3 Adding the Whirls and Eyelashes

There are several sharingans out there, but we will stick with Indras sharingan this time.

  • First, shade out the circle of Iris and leave a dark dot in the middle.
  • Then make swirling lines like the whirlpools in the sea or the hurricane.
  • After that, shade the swirling lines darker to make them look authentic.
  • Shade the eyelashes properly as well.
  • You should make the pointy end a little darker and broader whilst leaving the other end as it is.

Then the drawing will look a lot better.


Draw Sharingan Eye

Finally, all thats left to do is add the color.

  • Pour in the crimson red color inside the swirling lines just like the Uchihas thirst for blood.

I hoped this lesson on how to Draw Sharingan Eye helped you all artists a lot. Dont forget to check out other anime drawing lessons on this website.

We intend to bring out more of these contents lately. We will carry out more of these in the future and we will be sure to bring some tutorials for below:



Draw Sharingan Eye



Draw Sharingan Eye


Draw Sharingan Eye


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