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Most Popular Anime Of All Time

Its been a couple of decades since anime has taken over the world. To date, the anime industry has gathered a massive global audience. The community is still growing further and the younger generations are joining the culture. We have included some of the most popular anime on our list.

We have witnessed a lot of great anime throughout these years. Since the anime community is diverse, anime has to adjust to peoples tastes. So the popularity of anime differs among mass audiences. Keep in mind that the list isnt accurate data but a personal opinion and research I made on my own.


Most Popular Anime

Starting off this list, Tokyo Ghoul comes at the tenth position. It was a quite popular anime for its well-animated action. The anime is a gruesome one with bloodshed every episode. Most of the readers here probably have already watched this anime. Therefore I think I should not make it lengthy.

It was globally liked by the anime weebs for the first 2 seasons. After that, it gradually lost its audience due to some irregularities in the story. But still, it is popular enough to get a position on this list.


Most Popular Anime

Sword Art Online was quite popular for its genre. Based on a VRMMO RPG game, it shows the cruel journey of two protagonists for their freedom. They meet each other and grow feelings for each other whilst being trapped in the game. I am sure many people raged at the ending of the whole series.

It definitely helped the VRMMO RPG-based anime to get more audiences. In other words, it made the genre popular and a global mainstream. This anime was overall good and lived up to my expectations. The endings and some parts are sketchy and not well made but it doesnt matter much.


Most Popular Anime

Firstly, I loved the anime so much that I watched it over again thrice. The main protagonist, Saitama defeats every opponent with a single punch. I thought the repetitive scenario will be boring, but I was dead wrong. It is packed with action and comedy routines.

The anime is popular because of its hilarious nature and well-scripted action. Most people will agree with me on that. Now lets get to number 7.


Most Popular Anime

This anime is a revised version or remake of the original anime, Full Metal Alchemist. It is a more complete version of the manga than the previous one. It has a good story plot, war, and character background. I felt more complete and it is definitely up to its game.

This anime also has a big community and it is also in contention for the greatest anime. Many people fell in love with its story and it has some grueling details regarding curses and alchemy. Some scenes were merciless and heartbreaking which made a perfect mix of emotions.


It is maybe the most globalized anime on this list. Its main audience is mostly in the foreign land as it stands. The adventurous aspect of the anime made it interesting. I remember watching it in my school days and it was a good way to pass time.

Furthermore, video games, snacks, and card games made it more popular with people. It has a cartoon vibe around it so I havent watched every bit of the anime yet.


Most Popular Anime

Attack in Titan also known as Shingeki no Kyojin is the most popular airing anime right now. The story and characters have made this anime reach its level right now. This anime is reaching its end after a couple of years of flawless performances.

This anime will be written in history with the achievements its had. Lets progress with another anime on this list.


Most Popular Anime

The fourth and third anime was hard to choose. They both have a large community and publicity. This anime just falls short from the third position. One piece is still running and reached a decade of airing already. It has created a lot of impact in this field of entertainment.

Many fans argue that it is the greatest anime of all time and its hard to answer that question. But i is definitely great and is one of the best the anime community would ever witness.


Most Popular Anime

Naruto runs away with the third position on this list with just an inch. I grew up watching Naruto and I may be biased while making this list. It has two seasons which were both awesome. Intense fights, catchy signs, dialogues, superpowers, it had it all. The most famous thing from the anime would be that ninja run. It was iconic and lots of memes and vines were created from it. I am a huge fan of the whole franchise but then Boruto came. To be honest, I didnt like Boruto at all. It lacked the spark that Naruto had.

Back to the topic, it is marketed properly and the anime accessories were a global hit. You can find Naruto products everywhere nowadays. The cause for the popularity goes to how good the anime was. The anime should be in the hall of fame if you ask me.


Most Popular Anime

Who remembers the famous I will eat the chip meme from death note? Death Note is popular and I think every people has watched or heard of it. It is that watch before you die type of anime. The intelligence and war between two legendary minds made the anime so compelling to watch. It has been popular anime since it came out.

Netflix adapted the anime to a live-action movie but that was an utter fail. The anime was of legendary status. It inspired many anime creators to be more creative and think out of the box. Its a masterpiece that will never be forgotten.


Most Popular Anime

Finally, the most popular anime of all time, Dragon Ball Z. The anime was on another level in terms of popularity. It was globally distributed and video games are popular to this date. The anime has an insane fight, strong characters, and their galaxy-destroying powers.

It surely ranks at the top of this list. The anime has a ton of fans and followers. Although the anime has ended, for now, the community has stayed loyal and is growing nevertheless.

So this is the end of the list. Take care and stay safe, and watch anime.

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