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Top Airing Anime

After the new year 2021 kicked in, were heading towards April with a ton of anime already in a run. Apparently, its only been four months however the new series have set their print in the community well.

We are expecting a lot more in the upcoming months. A question may hit you; which anime is best and popular right now?. If you are seeking the answer right now, youre in the right place.

Heres the list of top anime that are airing right now:


Top Airing Anime

Maybe most of you havent heard of this anime yet but it is fairly good. The original anime sets in different places in Japan (mainly Yamanashi Prefecture). It caught the attention of a lot of young viewers. In the end, that resulted in a trend to explore these anime locations in real life. Also known as Laidback camp, the second season is airing currently.

This anime is based on the camping trip of the protagonist, her making friends and pondering the possibility of camping together. To be honest, the story would make anyone lose interest but it isnt the case here. It is a relaxing and fun type of anime. I am sure you will have fun and also its relatable. It reminds me of camping out with my friends back in high school.


Top Airing Anime

This anime is the continuation of the original anime series. The anime is quite popular for its action and story. The protagonist of the story is overpowered despite being a low-level monster. Personally, I think the anime has lost its popularity but it still has the same charm.

This might be a good option for beginners who are looking for some Isekai anime to binge-watch. Obviously, you should watch its first season to get a grip on the situation. The other good news is that its available on Youtube. Muse Asia is broadcasting it and several other anime series.


Top Airing Anime

Black Clover is one of the best anime of 2020 and is in contention of earning the same popularity in 2021. It is quite long with a total of 170 episodes at the time of writing but most of these long-running anime end up good. Action and shonen genre lovers would definitely love this anime. This anime has a diverse range of powers and characters including a lot of action-packed fights.

Many viewers have dropped off after the start of the new arc so it ranks a little lower in this list. However, the anime is still good so make sure to watch it.


Top Airing Anime

Also a second-season in this list, this anime was one of the most anticipated in the community. This anime revolves around the rise of humanity in a stone-age world after mankind turned to a statue by a mysterious light. The second season answers the question to whom the stone world would fall under, science or brute strength.

Indeed, this anime provides viewers with a great experience also with science. Thus, you can have fun along with gaining knowledge whilst watching the anime. It is still running with 10 episodes up to date.


Top Airing Anime

Maybe the most popular anime in the world, its considered to be the best of all time. It is the oldest anime and also the longest-running one on this list. This anime was released back on July 22, 1997, and runs to this date. I think its not necessary to talk about it as you may have already heard or even watched it. This anime is still going in the year 2021.

It has a total of 965 episodes right now and it still hasnt reached its end. Furthermore, it is expected to run for about 5 more years which is crazy.


Rom-Com seems to be the most popular genre of anime right now. Not to mention we got to witness much great anime from this genre. This anime is undoubtedly one of them. As the title suggests, its story shows five sisters from a rich family getting tutored by a high school student, the protagonist.

Again, this anime is currently the most popular romance comedy anime right now so better watch it. Not gonna lie, it felt a bit like we never learn.


Top Airing Anime

Re: Zero is probably the best Isekai anime you will ever watch. The story and characters are excellently illustrated which makes it so compelling to viewers. The continuous chain of events may annoy some fans but it is the superpower of the protagonist.

Anyways, you must watch it to get a hang of Isekai anime out there. The second season has just finished with 13 episodes at the time of writing.


Horimiya is gaining a lot of attention from the anime community right now. Its manga was a great hit so that may explain the situation. Upon its release, it made a great start and is the most viewed romance anime of the year. It surely lived up to its hype and I too loved it. I had a great experience watching it.

Its better to watch it than me explaining the story plot. The anime has released 10 episodes and only 3 episodes are left. So you might want to binge-watch it after the 13th episode.


Top Airing Anime

The top two anime on the list was hard to choose as both are seriously good. Jujutsu Kaisen is the best new entry anime to watch in 2021 so far. This anime has a huge community all over the globe. This anime has enough action and fight scenes that any anime weebs would fall in love with.

The anime as a whole is a masterpiece and I loved every bit of it. It currently has 22 episodes and its coming to an end soon.


Top Airing Anime

Finally, the best anime that is currently airing; Attack on Titan. It is the final chapter of the whole anime which shows the last march of humans against the titans. It is the most popular anime right now. Every episode of this anime has ended at the top of the charts and it is trending anime in 2021.

The anime is nearing an end right now and this is the last season we will get to see this anime. It currently has 14 episodes and more is yet to come.

So those were the top anime that are currently. Hope this was informative for you and make sure to check out other articles for more useful information.

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